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Small Airplane

Parts Distribution

Want a new part developed to solve a reliability or supply problem or perhaps a cost issue. We develop new parts to overcome shortages, lower costs of existing parts, overcome obsolete parts shortages, improve reliability and generally add value for operators.

Our goal is try to lower the cycle cost and cost of ownership through the FAA PMA and TCCA PDA parts process

Airplane Turbine

Design &


PMA is a combined design and production company for modification and replacement parts.

PMA parts generally create an economic advantage for folks that embrace the process.

Customers using PMA parts include major airlines, regional airlines, cargo airlines, military, commercial and business aviation, MRO’s and engine manufacturers.


Fleet Managment

You need to trust that your aircraft will perform to the expectations you hold for it; that it will fully support you in safely managing every possible circumstance, condition, environment and challenge. At We painstakingly ensure that your aircraft is equipped and ready to take action when you are.


Devex Air Services

Aerospace Parts & Service
Division of Devex Groups


International Tel:

+1 (833) 253-3839


Reach Us:

Devex Canada
2916 19 Street N.E Calgary, Alberta T2E 2Y9 
+1 (587) 997-5004
Devex Fiji
P.O Box 1311 Sigatoka, Fiji
+1 (679) 926-5706


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